Investment Return

RollCall is a software license, there is no fluctuation in cost as you grow and process more transactions. You install on computers under your authority, you get maximum ownership and control of your administration system. RollCall streamlines every administration process, making staff time more efficient and eliminating the need for temporary help or overtime. RollCall's all-inclusive price is less than other systems of similar size/complexity, your payback time is minimal.


A High Return Investment for Your School

Administrative Efficiency

RollCall streamlines every administrative process for your school. It is designed to help you grow without adding administration resources. If YOU are the chief administrator in your school - not uncommon for organizations using home-grown systems - you'll see benefits in reduced time committment just about immediately. If you have a staff, you'll experience a smooth implementation using training sessions scheduled at your request covering topics important to you and using your familiar data. RollCall is the perfect vehicle for helping you construct the administrative processes needed to realize a successful school.

Eliminate Budget Uncertainty

RollCall is licensed software, so you don't have fluctuations in costs from month to month caused by variability in transaction processing. And, there's no cost penalty for growing your school, once you have purchased and installed RollCall you can grow to your heart's content. What if you lose a key staff member or have a processing issue or need to implement new processes? As long as you are covered by our maintenance/support plan, you don't have any additional costs for training or support. No matter how long it takes or how many times you need assistance.

Intangible Benefits

The real benefits for investing in RollCall are the intangible ones. You increase the professional image of your school and see a higher caliber of student. It's easier to recruit and retain instructors. You'll see the hidden costs from data double-entry, incorrect data, communication lags and payroll for temporary help start to disappear almost immediately, too. And you get to focus more time on what you do best - providing a superior educational experience for your students.

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