A Jelly Sandwich Approach to Software

RollCall combines a client/server application designed for managing thousands of records for your back office with industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server database and web portals for individual students, instructors, prospects, course catalog and affiliates.


How it Works

PowerVista RollCall is designed to provide each stakeholder in your school -whether an administrator or a student - with the tools to help them be successful. Fundamentally, a web interface isn't flexible enough for administrators and a client/server interface isn't available enough for students or instructors. So RollCall provides exactly what each person needs - stacked together like a Jelly Sandwich.


Bottom Slice: Back office software

School administrators have to work efficiently with many - sometime thousands - of records. They complete a variety of tasks in an average day - all the way from recording attendance to applying payments to printing transcripts. The information has to be secure and available instantly in a variety of outputs such as reports, forms, Excel, Word or for email communications. RollCall Enterprise Edition is a client/server application that runs on any Windows workstation and connects to the database over an office network, a terminal services connection, a VPN (virtual private network) or using RollCall's embedded remote administration client. You can use any/all of the available connection strategies.

Deconstructed Jelly Sandwich

The Jelly: Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is the industry standard for commercial strength database processing. It has no practical limitations on the number of relationships it can manage and it supports many simultaneous users transparently. The database sits between the client/server back office software and the web portals and is updated in real-time. When a change is made in the office, it's visible immediately to the web users and visa-versa.

Top Slice: Web Portals

RollCall Web Portals is a set of web pages that provide access to individual students, instructors, prospective students, a course catalog, a training registration portal that allows non-students to register for workshops/classes and a portal for affiliates or people who sponsor students in your school. You can add access to each portal at any time. Simply link from your main web page to the portal(s) you want to display, and the data is available instantly. Students can register for classes, instructors can record grades and attendance and sponsoring organizations can add and monitor their student's performance.

Make mine open-faced!

RollCall is structured to let you implement at your own pace, and pay for the program as you go. Many schools start with the Standard Edition, a single, plain piece of bread - to continue our analogy. The Standard Edition is complete RollCall software, it uses a little single-user file-based database that supports one connection. You can use it to happily operate small schools (under 250 students) or as an initial step for getting your data the way you want it. When you're ready to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition and add the 'jelly' in the form of Microsoft SQL Server, you can at any time. The data in your single-user installation is automatically migrated to the SQL Server database... and you have an open-faced jelly sandwich. Add RollCall Web Portals when you are ready, and link to the web portals you want to use to make a full installation.

It All Works Together

The data is all updated in real-time. If a student registers for a class, they appear automatically in the Instructor's web class roster. If an Instructor records a grade, it appears automatically on a transcript printed from the office. If the office sets up a new admissions requirement for a Prospect, it appears automatically on the application form. If a Prospect uploads a transcript pdf, the admissions office can read and print it. You can wait to deliver the web portals until the data is setup the way you want. Then, you can transfer responsibility for data management on your own schedule to people outside the office - and streamline record keeping. It lets you grow at your pace, giving people in your organization control and access to their information the best way for your school.

Good Sandwich!





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