Know As You Go

Software is only one piece of a school administration solution. A more critical part is the knowledge of how to use the software effectively. You can't absorb - or use - all the parts of an application at once. You implement over time, and RollCall is designed to assist. With embedded help files, How To Movies, customized webinars and unlimited support/training plans, RollCall focuses on the most important part of a successful administration solution... YOU.


Learn at your own pace

Help and Movies

RollCall contains a complete help file updated regularly for changes. It is offered as a standard help system from the menu or you can print/view it as a pdf manual you can print or read. It contains movies for the most commonly asked questions that show step-by-step procesess. The same movies are available from within the software (or on this web site) just by pressing a movie.

Unlimited Support

Every support plan for RollCall is unlimited. That means that when you need help, it is available. And if an issue or a question takes longer than one email to answer - that's just fine. You have the opportunity to get the help you need when you need it and as often as you like.

Customized for You

Every training session is designed just for you. You submit the agenda, we use your school's information and cover the topics you need to discuss. Do you have "how do I" questions? Not a problem, we are available to help you develop the administration solution that suits you perfectly.

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