RollCall Pricing / Order Sheet

RollCall's pricing is simple, all inclusive and easy on your budgeting process. If you're ready to order, just use the links below. Or, call... we like taking orders!


RollCall Price Sheet and Ordering                          

Select the type of installation right for your school. Enter the quantity in the field next to the associated Order button, and press Order. When you are finished with your order, press any 'Checkout' button to enter payment information and complete the sale.

You will receive a product key and download link(s) by email. You may either download using the link and install the software your product key on step 3. Or, use the Enter Product Key shortcut on the PowerVista RollCall menu to unlock a previously installed Trial Version. <see additional notes below>

Please note: You will need to accept a standard software license agreement that indicates you have used the available evaluation tools for RollCall (the Trial Version, help file and/or screenshots on the web) to satisfy yourself that RollCall is right for your school. After entering the Product Key, we will do everything we can to make RollCall work for you. Refunds are NOT granted in the case you decide that RollCall is not a good fit for your school after purchase/installation.

Annual Support Contracts for RollCall Standard Edition are available for $1000. RollCall Enterprise Edition support contract is available for $1,300.




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