Total School Administration Solution

Power Vista RollCall is a total solution for school administration. There are no additional modules to buy. You can enable/disable processing functions, or just start using enabled options when you are ready. A total solution goes beyond software - every purchase of RollCall includes 6 months of unlimited support and training by phone, email or web.


Buy Once and Grow!

Comprehensive Software

RollCall contains everything needed to successfully administer your school. RollCall is used by hundreds of schools that serve adult learners in different vertical markets. You can start with basic functionality and expand at your own pace. A simple check box enables extended processing such as Degree Programs, Accreditation, Invoicing and Job Placement tracking.

Other processing options such as marketing to prospective students or setting up course curricula or tracking loans and scholarships are embedded in RollCall. They're available any time you want to start using them.

Standard administration options such as class scheduling have unique features such as the ability to mix manually scheduled sessions with recurring sessions or one-one sessions with a regular schedule.

Complete Support

Your purchase includes 6 months of unlimited support/training by phone, email and web. RollCall features "Know as You Go" - a complete help file, 'how-to' movies available on many of the windows and a complete pdf manual.

At Your Fingertips

The back-office software, the web portals and the knowledge to make them work seamlessly together puts a total solution at your fingertips. You can grow at your own pace, shifting administration tasks to web interfaces and making your office procedures work efficiently. It's a completely cost effective way to be even more successful

At your fingertips




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