Customize Window Layout and Labels

RollCall lets you turn options on and off - and customizes the window layout to match automatically.


Personalize your RollCall

Enable Processing

RollCall offers processing options suited for every type of educational business! But, if your organization is one that doesn't need extra functionality - don't worry - RollCall's windows automatically configure themselves to hide unnecessary fields. And, whenever you add processing capability, the new fields, buttons and list columns magically appear.   

Class Maintenance window with all processing options turned on:

Class window with all options turned off:

The various lists inside RollCall are also customizable - by workstation! Every user at your school can have a customized view of the data in RollCall. Just press the 'starburst' button and check/uncheck columns to display. You can drag columns to new locations and save your changes. Each time you open the window, RollCall uses your customized settings.




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