Degree Programs

Degree Programs relate several classes together for a program of study that awards a degree or certficate. RollCall tracks a student's progress toward attaining their degree automatically, and provides the statistics you need for accrediting programs.


Awarding Degrees and Certificates

Degree Programs

Setup an unlimited number of programs of study for awarding degrees or certification for your school. Each program of study can have one or more standards areas with assigned classes that fulfill the standard area. Track a student's progress by either hours of participation, class credits awarded or both. You have the option to include hours for tutoring or coaching in the total hours toward the program. You also have the option to include hours awarded for exams in the total for the class.

This screen shot shows an "Engineering Program" with two classes assigned to the standard area for "CORE".

Assign students to each program of study, and track performance toward attaining the degree or certification on-line. You can even change the student's degree program and immediately view current progress toward the new degree.

The student can access a degree program audit window and report from their portal at any time.

Degree program audit on the web



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