Import and Export

RollCall supports importing and exporting all table data. It's a generic way to get access to all the data stored in RollCall and import new data for starting or for merging new schools.


Importing and Exporting RollCall Data


You can export any table data to a comma separated value (csv) file for use in other applications such as Excel. A generic option is available under the File menu that exports all the data in the table, or specific exports of data to Excel are available using the Reports button on the Student, Class, Instructor, etc. windows. The export format matches the import format. If you match data from some other source to the format of the exported file, you can import new records to RollCall..

The file save type is usually either 'txt' or 'csv'.

Open the File->Import window and select the table to import. Update the file name, if needed, and import the data.




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