Use RollCall to track internships or job placment for your students. Great for schools that have a job experience requirement for completing a degree program. The setup related an affiliated organization with students enrolled in a specific degree program and tracks the application process for open positions. You can the affiliate's application forms or letters and fill them out with student information.


Internships and Job Application


If your degree programs require an internship or you assist your graduates in their job search, RollCall can help streamline the process.  You can attach specific application forms or letters to each opening and track application status for your students in affiliated organizations.

Application is organized by the major assigned to your degree programs. You will see all the openings listed for application filtered by the major associated with the students degree program If a student isn't assigned to a program, they will see all openings - though, they may not qualify of course.

Setup Affiliated organizations with their available job openings.

Setup affiliated with job openings

Then, record the student's application process for different jobs from different affiliates.

student placement window




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