User Defined Data

RollCall supports user defined attributes for Students as Qualifications, for Prospects as Admissions Requirements, for Classes as Pre-Requisites and for Instructors as Skills. One setup window provides complex attribute entry for people you track in your school. It allows unlimited capability to define your school uniquely.


User Defined Data in RollCall

Complex Attributes

Each new RollCall installation confirms that every school is unique. That means that every school tracks slightly different attributes for Students, Instructors, Prospects, Classes and Exams. RollCall uses a highly customizable approach to address this need.


The customizable attributes are grouped together by type - called 'prerequisites' in RollCall. So, you can have many medical requirements, or several licenses, or a number of standardized test results. You can setup an unlimited number of prerequisites and an unlimited number of options for each prerequisite.

Each prerequisite has user-defined description fields attached to it. You can have two number fields (ie. test scores), two text fields (ie. certificate id's), two Yes/No values and three date values. You can also store an unlimited number of detail results for each assigned prerequisite. For example, if you have a prerequisite of 'Standardized Testing', and one of the options is SAT scores, you can identify that a student passed the SAT's with a certain combined score, but also that they took the test 4 times, and store each of the score results.

RollCall uses this approach for Student Qualifications, Class Requirements, Prospect Admissions and Instructor Skills. A Student becomes eligible for a class, and will be shown on the Registration lists, when they are assigned the same Prerequisite (as a Qualification) as assigned a Class (as a Requirement). The Prerequisites window is shown below, and is an example of howuser-definedinformation is entered into RollCall.

Next, the detailed items available for the LICENSE prerequisite type are entered on the Setup Prerequisites window. 

The text "Enter Class" will be shown as a tooltip text (a little floating window next to the entry field) for the Commercial truck license option for assigning prerequisites as Qualifications to students. An example for the License information is shown below:

Notice that the label information entered for the prerequisites type is displayed as the column headings when assigning license information. If an available field isn't setup, it won't be shown. If you hover the mouse over the 'Automobile' cell in the live application, you would see "Requires class 'C' or 'D'" as the value for the hover text




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