Prospect Web Application

Setup admissions criteria to form an on-line prospect application - customized by degree program!


On-Line Application

Prospect Web Entry

RollCall lets you build a customized prospect application for the web. You setup admissions requirements, whether general or for a specific degree program and decide whether you will allow completion for each requirement over the web, or by an admissions officer internally. The web requirements create an on-line application tailored for each degree program you offer. And, when you change or add requirements, they automatically are reflected in the on-line application. You can decide to allow upload for files, like transcrip pdf's, and they are openable from the admissions officer's desktop.

Prospect web application for degree program

This screen shot shows how a customized web application might look for applying to Internation Trade certificate for RollCall's test database.

Setup admissions requriement

This is the setup screen for an electronic signature as an example of a customized application item. If you change the text or add other fields to record, they will immediately display on the web application.



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