Prospective Students

Expand your marketing efforts by tracking Prospective Students. You can allow prospects to add themselves via the web, and even allow them to build their own application by posting transcript pdfs, submitting vaccination history and educational background - whatever you use for the admissions process.


Marketing to Prospects

Prospective Students

RollCall lets you track people and organizations outside the core Student-Class relationship. The outreach section of RollCall lets you track prospective students and their progress toward reaching your admissions criteria and non-student affiliates. Affiliates can be clients for student provided massage or beauty services, businesses that are members of the same umbrella organization, frequent guests at seminars and workshops, or guest speakers for discussion sessions. Each of the Outreach areas feature options for communicating to people and organizations that are not students or instructors.

The Prospect Window used to market your educational business to prospective students and also to evaluate prospects who would like to enroll. RollCall allows setting up an unlimited number of admissions requirements and specify whether they are optional or required. You can also specify whether they will become a permanent part of the student's record. Admissions setup supports adding detail lines to satisfied requirements for tracking complex entries such as essays, resumes of experience and test results with multiple parts, such as SAT scores.  

The Prospects Window allows recording contacts to the prospect and also from the prospect. This is great for documenting your admissions procedures. 

The Prospects window supports customized reporting to Microsoft Word and Excel, and also using internally developed reports.

Transfer all the information for accepted students to the Student window by pressing the Transfer button.




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