Output a user defined set of records to customizable reports, Word merge, Excel or customizable forms.


Data Output Options


RollCall offers a unique way of printing, merging and exporting information. It is a simple three step process, and provides access to every piece of information in RollCall.

  1. Use the Search button at the bottom of the main windows to select a set of records. The Search criteria are 'anded' together, so you can precisely select records for output.
  2. Press the Reports button, and choose the outputs you want (report, mail, Excel, etc)
  3. Press Finish to print, email, export or merge

After the set of records you want to report upon is displayed, use the Report button to display the reporting window. You can output data to one or more of the options simultaneously. If you need to further select the records, use the [Shift] and [Control] keys to highlight just the records you wish to print.

Press Finish to output your selection(s).




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