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PowerVista Software provides database development tools for building highly customizable software to serve specific vertical markets. This web site highlights RollCall, our off-the-shelf offering of school administration software.


What´s New:

Connect with Moodle

demoRollCall's connection with Moodle is a perfect solution to the challenge of integrating a Learning Management System with school administration. Now, you can have a single administration platform whether you offer all classes on-line, have a combination of on-line and traditional classes or need to mix on-line content with classroom instruction for a single class. What could be simpler?. See: MoodleConnection for more information.

Updated: Jan, 2018

About Us

In the Beginning:

PowerVista Software started as a tools company building a grid component for cross-platform development environments in 1990. That was largely before the internet made its debut. We became interested in database applications and the user interfaces (GUI) needed to allow users to interact with the data. We built an integrated development environment for rapid database application development. We actually developed a markup language used to define database applications at about the same time HTML (also a markup language) was being specified. We use that markup language today inside RollCall.

The Growing Years:

We still have the tools line of business, and several other applications serving other vertical markets are in commercial channels. RollCall is able to keep costs low and support constant growth largely due to the simplicity and power of the underlying development environment we created in the early 2000's.

Where we're going:

RollCall has turned into a very successful product, as have the other software applications in contstruction, payroll, manufacturing and inventory control. We plan to continue to focus on our various vertical markets and develop even better applications at a highly attractive price-point with excellent and personalized support. We'll continue to share a common development environment, and enhance it to meet emerging technology.

We're currently developing an "install anywhere" client that uses a TCP/IP connection to connect remote workstations to a central database without requiring a terminal services or VPN connection. After that effort, we'll be rewriting the internal controls and processing to use Open Source libraries and add the ability to deliver RollCall access on devices such as phones.





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