Calendars for Anything with a Date and Time

RollCall autogenerates calendars for every item that has a date and a time. When a student registers for a class, their calendar shows all the sessions scheduled - on the Web, too! Instructors can set office hours, and adminstrators schedule appointments. Administrator calendars show scheduled tuition payments and you can automatically see room booking information when a class is assigned to a location.

Every entity in RollCall that has dates and times associated with their description can be displayed on a calendar. There are Student calendars, Class calendars, Instructor calendars, classroom calendars, Administrator calendars and schedules for clinic/lab appointments.

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Each of the calendars allows comparison with any other calendar - you can see if an Instructor is free to take a class for example, or see if a student is free to schedule an appointment with a counselor. Instructors and Administrators can even setup office hours - which are shown with a different background on their calendar displays.

Right-click on an item to see more information, double-click to record information. For Classes, a double-click displays the attendance window, for Tutoring appointments and Exams it displays the respective results recording window.

Calendars also display alerts. If a student's attendance or grades have not been entered, the class will display in red on the calendar.

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