PowerVista RollCall

PowerVista RollCall Standard Edition  provides everything necessary to manage information for training and education organizations. It includes the PowerVista single-user database engine. 

$4,000.00 per installation 


PowerVista RollCall Enterprise Edition  provides everything necessary to manage information for education and training organizations on multiple work stations. Microsoft SQLExpress 2008R2 is installed as part of the Enterprise Edition or you have the option of using your currently installed Microsoft SQL Server implementation. If you are upgrading from Standard Edition, you will have the option to transfer all the current data to the new database.  

$6,200.00 per installation 


PowerVista RollCall Upgrade to Enterprise Edition  For existing Standard Edition users who want to upgrade from a single-user implementation to a network implementation. Upgrade preserves your data, and automatically transfers it to the new database. Please call 1-866-PWRVSTA for this order. 

$2,200.00 per installation 


PowerVista RollCall Web Portals  installs and maintains web pages for Students, Instructors, Prospects, Course Catalog and Training Class Registration. Exchanges information with RollCall Enterprise Edition database in real time. 

$4,400.00 per installation