Student Maintenance Window

The primary entity in a school administration application is.. of course... the Student. RollCall stores and manages all the information you need for tracking your students.

This page shows how to maintain Student information, select and output data. Maintenance windows display both a list and a form. The List shows all the records that match the current selection ('ALL' when the window is first opened). The 'Form' tab shows detail about the highlighted row and is used to maintain information.

Select a set of records using the Search button. The selected set of records is displayed in the window. Use the 'VCR' buttons at the bottom of the window to navigate the records one-by-one. An example would be to select all Students whose zip code matches a particular value or all Students in a specific city

Use the Reports button to output information as reports, merged documents and emails. Information from RollCall can be output to the printer, the screen or a file using internal ReportWriter reports. The PowerVista ReportWriter is included with RollCall. Write customized reports, or alter those that are included. If you have installed Microsoft Word or Excel, exported data from RollCall can be used to create customized reports, letters, graphs and e-mails using those applications. Several examples are provided with RollCall that can be used as a guide to creating specialized output for the business. If a Search criteria has been applied, such as for all Students in a city, only those selected records will be passed to the reporting window.

RollCall supports pinpointing the data to be output. The set of records returned by the Search function can be further selected by using the [shift] and [control] keys with the mouse to highlight specific records. Internal reports and also exports to Microsoft Word and Excel will reflect the selections made.

Student List Student Form Student Reporting

Student information is also available over the web with RollCall Web Portals. Students can register for new classes, access their schedule and monitor progress in registered classes.

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