Student Wizard

The primary entity in a school administration application is.. of course... the Student. RollCall stores and manages all the information you need for tracking your students.

The Student Wizard is used to enter new Student information. It is an example of the 'wizard' style window in RollCall. Basic information about the student is entered on the first panel. In all the wizards, you can press 'Finish' at this point, and you will have the option to enter another record. Or, if you wish to add associated information, such as Qualifications or Registrations, press the 'Next' button.

The list of links at the left of the wizard identify the available steps. The listed available steps (such as Registration) are accessible in other windows - sometimes several windows - for use at a later time. For example, if you don't register a new student for classes here, you can register them in the maintenance page, on the class maintenance page, or in the Class Registration window. Or, they can register themselves using their web portal

All editing is immediately applied, so if a Requirement is added that restricts students from registration, the Registration list may become empty.

Student List