Finding the Information You Need

RollCall is unique among school administration software in the power, simplicity and range of tools available for managing information. To get the most value from your administration software, you need flexible access to all your information and you need to be able to output it to a variety of destinations - reports, forms, Excel, Word, email and statistics.

Search and Display RolCall displays records by Student, Instructor, Class, Prospect, Affiliate, etc. Each record type has a powerful search and output mechanism to help pinpoint the exact set of data you need to solve the issue at hand. RollCall uses a technique called "query by example" to let you fill in information for virtually any record attribute - even your unique user-defined fields - and find a set of matching records. You can combine fields and even type special criteria such as all students with more than three absences for a class or a gpa below 2.5. The selected records are returned in a list, and you can drill-down, walk through, update and see results for just the selected set of data.

find and output data

Output Selected Data Once you have the set of records needed to answer the question at hand, you frequently need to output that data to some destination. It could be a report, a form, to email, to Excel or to a Word document. Here again, RollCall offers a unique approach. Simply press the 'Reports' button, and output your selected data to any... or even all... those destinations. You can even select specific records using your mouse and keyboard. RollCall includes both a Report and Forms Writer. You can output any data inside RollCall to any custom report or form you can design. You can export all the selected data to Excel, or to Word for existing forms as a mail merge. The possibilities are literally endless.