Features List

The list below is a comprehensive overview of RollCall's options. If you find lists of features boring, just schedule a webinar - it's more interesting in person!


RollCall is designed to support efficient administration for schools that serve adult students (non K-12 or primary schools). RollCall is comprised of software designed to streamline the administrator's task processing combined with web portals to give individual access to students and prospects.  RollCall's overall purpose is to provide superior support for school administration. The list below provides a summary of RollCall's features and capabilities dedicated to achieving that goal.

  • Data: PowerVista RollCall gives you unparalleled access to your data for problem solving. RollCall starts with a 'worldview' of your information, supports one-click drilldown to detail, literally hundreds of ways to search for sets of records and easy output to reports, Excel, forms and email.
  • Personalization: Every school is unique, located in different regions or countries and focused on different areas of expertise ... one-size-fits-all is definitely NOT the case when it comes to school administration! RollCall supports multiple layers of personalization, from changing field labels, to setting up drop down data, to customizing reports and forms - even creating complex multi-variable attributes for students and prospects.. all without programming help.
  • Total Solution: RollCall is a complete school administration application, so you can start at whatever level you need, and grow on your own schedule at your own pace - there are no additional modules to purchase and nothing new needs to be installed as you expand. From prospective student to alumni, from one specialization to many, from one campus to several - RollCall has you covered.


  • Global Setup: a single place to setup processing options for your school. Enable/Disable processing, set customized labels and manage drop-down list values. All the information is one place. Administration

  • Role Based Security: offers a specialized interface based on an administrator's role in the organization. Windows for Registrar, Bursar, Admissions, Advising, Clinic Scheduling and separate workstation views for students and instructors Student View

  • Email: use your current email domain for sending emails.

  • Reporting: Every main window in RollCall offers flexible search and output functions. RollCall also has an embedded report writer and forms writer, so you can get whatever reports/forms you need. Reporting


  • Standard Attributes: Customizable status values, membership valid dates, emergency contacts, class history, performance reporting, contact information and photo id. You can track alternate id, e-mail and name, an unlimited number of associated address records, contacts information. All the information is one place. Student Information

  • New Students: enter all the information about a student in one place. Or, quickly add a student record with minimal information and complete entry at a different time. New Students

  • Customize: Track an unlimited amount of data for your students - customized to meet your business needs. Qualifications can track everything from driver's license information to admissions criteria to life-experience 'resumes' and academic history - completely customizable for your business. Setting up Student Qualifications

  • Communication: Send e-mail messages individually or simultaneously to many students. The 'Contacts' section records communications with Students automatically, and allows manual entry of personal contacts such as phone calls or meetings. Send individualized reports with schedules, grades, notices and other customized information by e-mail as a pdf attachment.

  • Invoicing: Invoice for class registration fees, tuition contracts, tutoring/coaching sessions and other purchases. RollCall features a "mix and match" invoicing approach that lets you invoice students using any combination of different methods. RollCall automatically creates invoices for registration and tutoring charges. Any invoice can have a separate payment schedule. Invoices can be combined into monthly statements. Invoices can be charged to sponsoring or affiliated organizations. Invoicing

  • Attendance: Record attendance by present/absent, late attendance, makeup attendance sessions or hours attended. Setup class sessions to have multiple attendance records for a day. Atendance percents are calculated daily. Enter attendance on the web or in the office. Attendance

  • Calendars: are auto-generated for students showing classes, tutoring and appointments for personal services or clinic work, and administrative appointments. Calendars integrate CRM features for tracking missing attendance, missing exam grades, missing final grades, overdue payment schedule payments and makeup sessions. It doesn't matter whether the class is entirely on-line, has some on-line content or uses classroom delivery - RollCall tracks it all in one place. Calendars

  • Affiliated Organizations: Assign students to umbrella or sponsoring entities such as affiliated businesses for tracking corporate training programs or external organizations that sponsor students in your school. Centralize invoicing for students by umbrella entity.

  • Certification/Degrees: Assign students to a program of study for awarding degrees or certificates. View updated progress toward attaining a degree at any time. Change the assigned degree program at any time and immediately view progress toward the new degree. Integrated CRM tracking shows missed exams, final grades and attendance at a glance  Degree Programs

  • User-Defined Status: Customizable student status fields allow identifying students by your particular criteria. Records change date and previous status.

  • Housing- Set-up Facilities as accommodations or residences and connect them to student ecords.

  • Academics: Continuously updated information on attendance, attendance percent, exam point percentage, grades, GPA, hours and credits earned. Award academic honors such as class rank or Dean's list by a variety of criteria.

  • Customize Forms: transcripts, grade reports, progress reports, welcome letters, registration letter and grade awards. RollCall includes a forms writer that allow you to customize your forms as you need - even several different types of the same form, if needed

  • Activity Reporting: Send customized packets of information when selected events such as becoming a new student or registering for classes occur.

  • ON THE WEB: complete snapshot of a Student's performance, including attendance, grades, calendar and previous classes. Shows invoicing and allows payment and registration for new classes. Student Web Portal


  • Set up classes with a wealth of information. The class record controls scheduling, which grade policy is used, how exams are scheduled, whether web registration is allowed, and assigns academic content. You can setup a class to have some distance learning content, be 100% classroom delivery or 100% on-line. Mix/Match/Change at any time Class Setup

  • User-Defined Status: Customizable class status fields allow identifying classes by your particular criteria. Records change date and previous status. Set colors for display on calendars

  • Certification/Degrees: Assign classes to a program of study for awarding degrees or certificates. Degree Programs

  • Registration: Students can register for classes through the Registrar Window, by individual class, by all classes for their degree program or using their web portal. You can automatically invoice class fees at the time of registration, invoice different fees by registration type (eg. audit). You can track dropped registration and preregistrations by class. Class Registration

  • Schedule: Set up recurring schedules - eg. MWF at 10:00 am, and/or optionally add any number of manual sessions with instructor and location. Record multiple attendance periods per class session. If the class is on-line, you can set a number of days from registration for assigning a projected completion date, and assign a number of days from registration for assigning due dates for on-line quizzes, activities, workshops, etc. Displayed on all calendars.

  • Instructors: Assign up to four instructors to the class and track teaching hours for actual instructor.

  • Prerequisites: Unlimited setup for prerequisites for a class, automatic tracking for student eligibility. Include age restrictions for class registration.

  • Exams: Unlimited exam setup, track by pass/fail, points, hours and customized rubric criteria. You can setup Perpetual exams that allow recording multiple occurrences, as for a class with a clinical portion where a student needs to record some number of hours over the class session. You can have traditional classroom exams or on-line exams. You can schedule a due date for exams based on registration date. Exams

  • Appointments: use clinic appointment evaluation as exam information.

  • Waiting List: Automatically created wait lists for classes with maximum number of registrants. Automatic notification via e-mail or mail of wait listing or registration.

  • Registration Type: charge different fees for different registrations, as for auditing a class. Optionally set up each type to skip recording attendance or skip awarding credit for the class.

  • Assign Equipment: Tie equipment to classes and print a 'Custodian' report for efficient asset tracking and classroom setup.

  • Tutoring: Optional tracking of one-on-one for coaching/tutoring/private lessons for mentoring, apprenticeship or other one-on-one sessions. Set up students for one-on-one sessions at any time, optionally track session invoicing, goals and results and scheduling. Tutoring hours are recorded for each student, and summed for total participation hours. 

  • Attendance: Set up class hours for attendance, including tracking full day attendance in am/pm segments. Attendance statistics by class and student are updated automatically.  Attendance

  • Class Type: Assign classes as Perpetual to hold sessions continuously. Assign classes as a 'Seminar' type to schedule multiple sessions throughout the year, but require that registered students only attend a single session. Perfect for orientation sessions and compliance training. Rolling class type allows you to register students after a session begins and accurately calculate attendance percentages. Non-Academic lets you show schedules on calendars for things like meetings or group sessions. Use the Transfer type to record credits/hours from other institutions to accurately show for degree program qualifications.

  • Moodle Connection: Connect RollCall classes to their content inside Moodle. When a student registers for a course, the link to Moodle content appears on their web site. If they use the link to navigate to Moodle, they are added to Moodle's student list, registered for the class and grades are automatically transfered from Moodle to RollCall. RollCall will track Moodle logins as attendance, and alert when a student has registered for an on-line course, but not logged in after 5 days.

  • Other Learning Management Systems: RollCall uses customized exports/imports and dedicated ftp site(s) to exchange files using Windows Scheduler. The scheduler exchanges files on a user-defined schedule and data is exported/imported automatically.

  • Statistics: RollCall calculates some of those difficult-to-get metrics about each class, such as the average number of days to grade exams, to issue a final grade, attendance statistics across class sessions and exam scores across sessions.



RollCall tracks all the information you need to recruit top-quality students. Setup and maintain prospects with user-defined admissions criteria by degree program. Transfer to Student with one click, retain all prospect information as a student.Prospects Window

  • Transfer: Automatic transfer of data to the student record when admitted. You can setup student attributes for the Prospect before transfer and the new student record will match.

  • Admissions: Set up an unlimited array of admissions requirements, mark optional requirements and identify which satisfied requirements should be transferred to the student record. Assign admissions criteria by degree program and track progress toward meeting acceptance measures.

  • Contacts: Track contacts from/to prospects, and use internal emailing capability to keep in front of your best prospects. Schedule followup contacts with discussion points and display on Administrator calendar.

  • Marketing: Tracks customizable 'where did you find us' sources, retains source to student for evaluating income by marketing source.

  • Customize forms for acceptance, rejection and 'more information needed' letters. Email or print and send to groups of prospects.

  • Web Application Form display customized web application forms created automatically from your setup for admissions criteria. Support separate display by degree program setup - that is, you can have different admissions criteria displayed and enterable for each degree program. Prospect Web Portal



RollCall tracks instructor information, including a user-defined skills for printing biographies or accreditation information, tracking instructor teaching hours and supporting instructor web access for grading, attendance and assignment information.

  • Skills Inventory for managing accreditation processes and 'role' setup for tutoring/coaching involvement.

  • Track hours for Instructors for seaching or tutoring. Hours for Instructors can optionally be imported automatically to QuickBooks for creating payroll.

  • Calendars: for Instructors include class assignments, tutoring/coaching sessions and office hours.

  • Skills Setup: user defined instructor attributes (the same type of setup as for students, but for instructors) to track things like continuing education degrees and special awards or publications.



RollCall supports three kinds of invoicing activities: manual invoicing, tuition contract invoicing and auto-generation of class registration invoicing. Any invoice type can have an attached payment schedule. RollCall also track scholarship and loan information by student and supports application as invoice payments. Invoicing Window

  • Scholarship/Funding: Enter scholarship and financing information by funding organization, track the amount for each student along with a disbursement schedule. Funding is applied to eligible invoicies using the payment window. Scholarships/Funding

    Audit and Transfer to Accounting: All the financial transactions in RollCall are accumulated in a single table for export to your accounting system. If you use Quickbooks, the data exchange is automatic. Other accounting systems use a file transfer. Invoicing Window

  • Connection with Quickbooks: Connection with Quickbooks is simple. Just connect financial activities in RollCall with gl and item codes in Quickbooks. Invoice, payment and student address information is exchanged with Quickbooks.

Degree Program Tracking

  • Degree Audit: display student's progress toward attaining their degree on both the web and also for administrative staff and advisers. Updated automatically with registrations, awarding grades and changes to the program definition. The degree audit reports/windows display alert conditions such as missed exams, missed attendance and missing final grades Degree Programs

  • Performance Standards: with flexible setup of performance standards. Track performance using attendance hours or class credits - or both.

  • Assign classes: to fulfill requirements of standards areas and identify individual classes as required or having a deadline for registration or completion - this is useful for continuing education programs for corporate training groups. Setup class duration by program/class to automatically assign expected completion dates for on-line classes to support tracking for classes that aren't held in a classroom.

  • Hours/Credit Sources: Optionally include Tutoring hours in tracking total. View student progress, including missed deadlines or missing requirements on-line.

  • Flexible: The assignment of student to program of study can change any time - immediately view the student's progress toward the new degree or certificate.

  • Accreditation Tracking: Track standard accreditation criteria such as re-entry, program graduation, placement results, program specific graduation and other values required by certification agencies. Create statistics by campus, program and year with a single calculation. Output results to Excel, Word or report. Retains statistics for several years and provides complete backup documentation for each statistic.

  • Placement/Internships: track job openings and internships at affiliated organizations and manage the student application process by degree program.


  • Registration: with checks for age restrictions and Guest registration. Event registration supports email to registrants and guests.


  • Location information: with complete facility definition and rental contract tracking.

  • Equipment: Allows rental equipment assignment and check in/check out. Can be easily used both to track facilities rented to others, and facility rental for classes. 

  • Rentals: Track facility rental to outside organizations.

  • Calendars:  Setup locations for class, exams, tutoring, residences and clinic appointments, and track usage on printable calendar.Facilities