Integrated Reports and Forms Writers

Output a user defined set of records to customizable reports, Word merge, Excel or customizable forms.

RollCall offers a unique way of printing, merging and exporting information. It is a simple three step process, and provides access to every piece of information in RollCall.

  1. Use the Search button at the bottom of the main windows to select a set of records. The Search criteria are 'anded' together, so you can precisely select records for output.
  2. Press the Reports button, and choose the outputs you want (report, mail, Excel, etc)
  3. Press Finish to print, email, export or merge


When you've selected a set of records, press the 'Reports' button to output the selected set to a variety of destinations, even several destinations at once. So, you can select all students who have had more than 3 absences and send an email, print an audit report and export to Excel in one step.

There are over 30 standard reports for Students in RollCall, but if none of those prints exactly what you want, we will change the existing reports to meet your needs. You can add or delete columns yourself!

Every school has a unique transcript, letters and grade reports. RollCall includes a Forms Writer based on the rtf standard. You can even use Microsoft Word to write a very complex report and merge data from RollCall. We'll help!

RollCall Activity reports let you capture the action of adding a student to send Welcome reports, registering a student to send schedules, recording a grade for grade reports and tutoring/coaching sessions for sending status reports. The reports are all customizable and can be printed either at the time of the activity or grouped together at any time.